Me & my mirror

Oh no, I won’t make a habit of “outfit of the day”- posts. Mainly because others do that way better than I do. And secondly: it’s too much fuss to get yourself properly on a picture if there is nobody around to take that picture.  There is the “mirror-trick” of course, but that’s not easy if the only “head to toe”-mirror in your house is on a wardrobe opposite a window. As you can see, backlight rules! And now I look closely at this picture… maybe that mirror isn’t that spic & span as it should be…

Anyway, why this “ootd”-post? Because I’m so thrilled about my new purchase from Mango! Although it took me about two years to believe that these types of trousers could be something for me. For exactly four seasons I thought they were only suitable for tall and skinny women, preferably both. I’m neither tall, nor skinny… Now I’ve come to a point that I do wear them but only with high heels. And it was also the colour that helped to persuade me: emerald green! Finally, my favourite colour is fashionable!

For those who want to know, the twin-set is from last season. I bought it at Promo Fashion, a Belgian store chain that recently had a name switch into Bel & Bo. The bracelets? Like six years old, from Didi. Is there anything from this season, besides the trousers? Well yes, the shoes (S. Oliver).


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