Petite Cuisine

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Babette's Vienna 2

While on holiday it’s always nice to discover original shopconcepts. In Vienna we had lunch at Babette’s, a cookbook shop slash (tiny) restaurant. It’s situated in Margareten. The former working-class neighborhood is now a hip district full of galleries, little boutiques and trendy eateries. It’s nearby Naschmarkt, the legendary market. A typical hotspots for tourists, but definitely worth a visit if you love to explore food stalls of various origins.

Babette’s was named after Babette’s Feast, the Danish movie from 1987. The shop is not very big but houses all the cookbooks you can imagine; in German and English. No wonder one would get hungry in this place! The bar table has a view on the homely kitchen. The menu is limited, but gives enough choice and the taste is crispy fresh. For those who want to try it at home: There is a wide range of herbs for sale.

Find out more about my trip to Vienna: here and here.

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