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Hi, welcome @The Picnic Guest!

My name is Isabelle Uselli, a freelance lifestyle journalist, tv-producer and voice-over from Belgium.

My job is mainly lifestyle oriented and so is this blog.

The title of this blog refers to one of my favourite scenes in one of my favourite movies (“Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle”) . And yes I love to picnic! Not only in the sense of summer brunches on a pink blanket under a flowering tree. When I go to work or I’m on the go all day I like the idea to have a savory meal ready. I try to vary as much as I can and like to experiment. This is a perfect place to collect and share these tryouts!

Once I had wild plans to write my blog completely in English. But then I realised 24 hours is simply not enough for that. So I keep the English limited to my Instagram-account.

My LinkedIn-page offers more professional information. If you’re looking for a Flemish voice-over, you can check my personal website www.isabelleuselli.be (in Dutch).

If you have any questions, you can contact me via: isabelle dot uselli at gmail dot com

All pictures on this blog are mine, unless stated otherwise.

Picture: Jochen Decostere

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